Policy & Procedures

The company must have a current Health & Safety policy. There are two different schools of thought on this: One view is a basic statement to the world which declares the company’s official stance on Health & Safety. The second view is to create something more like a company handbook which includes the company’s views on every related issue such as Departmental responsibilities, Personal Protective Equipment, Risk Assessments, Training, Work Equipment and so on. All this clarity can be a benefit if nothing is overlooked but it can also be a burden because the company must adhere to every detail written in its policy. For this reason, we recommend the simpler approach with a single page policy which satisfies the legal requirements without creating further complications. Sometimes, in order to comply with local authority or work provider’s requirements we may be asked for other policies or procedures. The templates provided here will help to fulfil that requirement.
Environmental Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Spillage procedure

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