Risk Assessment Templates

Health and Safety law states that an employer must carry out a risk assessment wherever there is a chance of harm, then put safety measures in place to reduce the risk. All very sensible. The only difference is that if more than 5 people are employed, then everything must be recorded. Here we have provided template assessments for everything you are likely to find in the repairing of vehicles on commercial premises. The text of the assessments include all the safety controls which could be in place. Choose the relevant assessment, print it off, fill in the controls and sign it off. Please DO NOT tick the safety controls unless you are sure they are in place. If there are any safety controls missing, we must endeavour to introduce them to make things as safe as we can. Once the additional safety controls are in place, fill in a second copy of the assessments with the additional boxes ticked to record the improvements. Sometimes this may not be possible for financial or practical reasons. If we believe the job is safe enough without them we may choose to continue the work without all the safety controls in place. However, if anything should go wrong, the consequences (and possible penalties) would be greater for not following the approved ‘best practice’. The paperwork must reflect this to provide an accurate record.
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